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The old Silk Route was the major Trading route Which connect ancient India to Lhasa in Tibet through the Jelep La Pass to India. The Indian part of that relic route is now present in the Indian states of Sikkim and West Bengal.About Dooars The old Silk route is the rare confluence of natural beauty and history of human civilization.This route of trading is a part of ancient network of trade routes that connected the East and West. It was central to cultural interaction between the regions for many centuries.The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative trade in silk carried out along its length, following the beginning in the Han dynasty. The Silk Road was an international route with historical significance used extensively in ancient time for cultural exchange and Trading in the Indian Sub continent with old China,Persian, Arabian, ancient Greek and Roman cultures and promoted the exchange of the Western and Oriental civilizations.

Tourism Magnet in Old Silk Route


Rishikhola is located in the state of West Bengal is a place of Serenity and Solitude, where human conscience meet the silent nature.It is the last border town between the state of West Bengal and Sikkim.The town of Rishikhola is located on one side of the bank of river Rishi River and Sikkim is on another side of the river.It small town can be reached from Kalimpong,on the way you will find and small village ‘Algarah’ and town Lava (Labha) where you can stop by and have a nice cup of tea with your family and friends.The other route to Rishikhola is through Pedong.

Camping along the bank of roaring river Reshi while listening to the soothing sound of exotic Himalayan birds and engulfing in the fresh cool breeze at Rishikhola is an ideal way to admire the wonders of nature


Lingtam or Lingtum is the serene village located after town of Rongli.The small village of Lingtam of surrounded with peaceful environment with a sparkling weather guarded by a small river called Bakhuter Khola. Situated at an altitude of around 5000 feet, Lingtum has two monasteries and is surrounded by hills on all sides.

The life is town of Lingtam is simple and peace, What make the village stand apart from the rest is slowness and calmness of life. Sometime it is best to beat the rush and live in solitude and serenity.It is the gateway to the old silk route that connected India, Tibet and China. Travel to Lingtam and we can assure you that this tourist spot would be one of your best places of interests in India.


It was used to serve as a transit point for traders in historic Silk Route from Tibet to India.It is one of the hidden non popular destination, as the route is relatively unkown to many. The terrain is rugged and does not have fancy luxury hotel to support tourism. But the tourism is old silk route is gaining traction and emerging is one of the most popular destination offbeat tourist destination in India. Zuluk is one of the best gem in these off beat tourism Magnets. The town has mere total population of 700 individuals along with Indian Army Base as the town is very close to India China border.It is one few village that offers staying facility for tourists.The town itself does not offer snow to have a playtime with family and friends but Thambi View point located 14 kms from Zuluk is a place to be..The viewpoint of panoramic view of the entire Mt. Kanchenjunga range.

Nathang Valley

Nathang Valley is a few unexplored Paradise which are present in old silk route.The lush green paradise is home of the yak headers which came from Tibet for green pastures of the Nathang Valley.It is a place where you can get glimpses of prayer flag on mountain edges going criss-cross with breeze flowing though high mountains.The valley is a treat to watch because of its exotic greenery that spread its wings across the family.On of the most distinguish features of the valley is that the valley spreads different color in different time of the year.In autumn,when grass dries up valley is golden.In rainy season the valley is covered with greenery and flowers.In winters the valley is snow capped.You can get beautiful glimpse sunrise from sunrise view points like Lungthung and Eagle’s Nest Bunker located 20 min drive from from Nathang Valley.


Just ahead of the Nathang Valley is located Lungthung.It is perched on a hilltop and offers a panoramic view of the Himalayan Ranges. One can see the snow clad peaks of Mount Kanchenjunga on one side and the winding roads of Zuluk on the other.In winters, the entire village is Snow Capped.The place is famous for its sunrise and sunset. One can see a most amazing sunrise over the peaks of Kanchenjunga from Lungthung. The famous Thambi View Point lies close by. It offers the best view of the eastern Himalayas. The surrounding forests are home to a number of rare birds such as Pheasants and even the Red Panda can be found here. A host of wild flowers, rhododendrons, and ferns bloom during spring time.

Menmecho Lake

Menmecho Lake is a glacial lake to located between Zuluk and Nathang Valley in eartern part of Indian State of Sikkim.The lake is noted for its trout, and has a large fish farm nearby with a guesthouse. Menmecho is closed to tourists.The source stream of water for the lake comes from melting of glacier snow in summer and monsoon in rainy season.

Eagle’s Nest

Located at a little distance from the Nathang valley lies the Eagle's Nest.This bunker was used by the army as a lookout spot across the border.What most interesting about this point is the fascinating view of Sunrise and sunset you will get from this old bunker.

Kupup Lake

Kupup Lake is also known is "The Elephant Lake".The name of the lake is due to its shape which is viewed only when you fly over it. The water in this lake is due to melting of the snow.There is no water based activities in this water body but you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake.

Old Baba Mandir

There are two Baba Mandir's in Sikkim dedicated to Baba Harbhajan Singh. Captain "Baba" Harbhajan Singh was an Indian army soldier. He is regarded as the "Hero of Nathula" by soldiers of the Indian army, who built a shrine in his honour. He was accorded the status of saint by believers who refer to him as the "Baba" (saintly father). Many of his faithful - chiefly Indian army personnel posted in and around the Nathu La and the Sino-Indian border between the state of Sikkim and Chinese. They believed his spirit protects every soldier in the inhospitable high-altitude terrain of the Eastern Himalayas.

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