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Set deep in the heart of Sikkim, Lachen is a Himalayan gem

Information About Lachen Sikkim

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Place :

Lachen, Sikkim


2,750 m


1105 mm annually

Temp :

  • Summer: 10 °C
  • Winter: -1 to -7 °C

Significance :

Premium Honeymoon of Sikkim

Best Season :

March-Early June,Mid Sept-December

Language :

Gorkha, Hindi, Bengali and English

Currency :

Indian Rupee()

Clothing :

  • Summer: Heavy Woolens
  • Winter : Very Heavy Woolens

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A Glimpse to Lachen Itinerary: Premier Honeymoon Destination of India

Lachen is a town in North Sikkim district in the Indian state of Sikkim. It is located at an elevation of 2,750 metres. The name Lachen means "big pass". The town is being promoted as a tourist destination by the Sikkimese government. The town forms the base to the Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar Lake. An annual yak race, the Thangu is held here in summer.Offering panoramic vistas of the stunning landscape and snow load peaks around Sikkim, Lachen is a great destination to soak in the hill station's natural beauty. Beautiful hill station, picture-perfect view of the neatly sequenced alpine pastures, quaint monasteries and water streams gushing down from scenic valleys are some of the sights to look out for in Lachen. The literal meaning of Lachen is 'Big Pass' and in recent times it is turning into a popular tourist destination because of the fascinating adventure activities organized here.

A Pathway to Lachen Tour, Golden Honeymoon Destination

Lachen is about 129 kilometres (80 mi) from the capital Gangtok, and can be reached via a six-hour road journey. A short two-day-long trekking route also connects the Yumthang Valley to Lachen. It has a population of around 1,000. Lachen has its own system of rules and regulations known as Dzumsa. The heads of the Dzumsa are known as Pipon and Gyenbos.To the north there is the old town of Thangu where the daytime temperature varies from 4 to 12 degrees Celsius (40 to 55 °F), even in the months of June and July.Lachen can not be accesible directly from Njp/Bagdogra as it is a very remote destination.To reach Lachen your must have to overnight halt in Gangtok.

Sikkim Tourism | Lachen - A PLACE TO MAKE MEMORIES

Nestled amidst the stunning Himalayan Mountains, the small town of Sikkim, Lachen offers a perfect retreat to relax and escape from the daily trap of city life. Walk hand-in-hand with your loved ones on the roads of Lachen, and admire the breathtaking beauty of Lachen which is drenched in every-bit of beauty. Famous for its valleys around India, Lachen is the base camp for the two main trekking camps of Sikkim- Chopta Valley and Muguthang.

Sikkim Tourism | Tourism Culture of Lachen

Lachen is mostly inhabited by Nepalese and Tibetans, Lepchas and Bhutias from Sikkim. The Nepalese follow Hinduism while the Bhutias follow Buddhism. Lachen Culture There are other religions as well like Christianity and Muslims. It basically has a diverse culture which co-exists in harmony. People there are warm and friendly. Since Lachen has varied mix of cultures, the local and ethnic food of Lachen is also quite varied. Rice, noodle and potatoes seems to make the dominant part that's as it goes well with the cool climate too. The most popular local snack food is Momos, a steamed dumpling containing meat or vegetables cooked in a doughy wrapping and served with clear soup and achar. Other popular Tibetan food is 'Thukpa', which is a hot noodle soup with meat, eggs and vegetables kinema, Churpee, Shaphalay, a Tibetan bread stuffed with meat, soybean, bamboo shoots, milk and Sel roti, which is made from rice. Tea (esp. the butter tea) is the most popular delicacy. Alcoholic beverages include Tongba, Jaard and Chhaang.

Sikkim Tourism | Religion in Lachen

Hinduism, Buddhism also to a certain amount Christianity will be the predominant religions employed by folks of Lachen. Cosmopolitan amd Multilingual culture of lachen is one of its kind.

Sikkim Tourism | Languages used in Lachen

Nepali is the main language used in Lachen with Hindi, English and Bengali being the other languages understood by the locals.

Sikkim Tourism | The People, Culture & Festivals in Lachen

Lachen truly has a diverse community of people consisting of the Lepchas (the original inhabitants), the different dialect groups of Nepali Gorkhas who form the majority, Tibetans, Bengalis, Biharis and Marwaris to name a few.These diverse communities create a lively cultural environment with their sumptuous food, colorful festivals, music and dances. Explore the sub-sections below:

Sikkim Tourism | Tourism in Lachen

Lachen can be the the ultimate place for the nature lovers or the trekkers paradise for those who are adventure seekers and a wonderland for the shopaholics. The tea gardens fill long stretches of sloping hills, of which the sight is just super eye soothing. Lachen CultureFor all you botanists and flower crazy folks, you will be mesmerized by the mindblowing scenario of the beautiful flowers like orchids, pines and rhododendrons. There are plenty of places to visit in and around Lachen. There are taxis available in the town which shall provide take you to your destination and they will even provide you with tour packages but it would be best that you seek the help of the experts for arranging the tour package, transport medium and other related things. We will solve all of your problems and make sure that your trip will be a beautiful one worth cherishing. Chowrasta happens to be the happening place in the town. It is an open space where long benches are there for people to sit and enjoy, gossiping and watching other people. There are plenty of small shops around the area which sell many interesting things, from silver items and ornaments to traditional stuffs. There are also cafes. Another place most visited by the locals as well as the tourists is the temple ‘Mahakaal’, which is just little further from the Chowrasta. It is believed that your wishes are fulfilled if you pray with a true heart. Other places of attraction around are other temples, zoo, museum, etc. There are places that are a little far and might need a medium of transport. But the trekkers, hikers and the adventurers can do it their way. Here is the list of some must visit places in Lachen.

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Sikkim Tourism | Places Visit While in Lachen, Sikkim

Mangan Sikkim

Mangan Sikkim

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About Mangan Sikkim

Mangan is the capital of North Sikkim. It is 65 kilometers from Gangtok and lies at an altitude of 3950 ft. It is also known as the Cardamom Capital of the India and is the North District Administrative Headquarters. The landscape is very mountainous with dense vegetation all the way up to Lachen & Lachung, before thinning out to desert scrub towards the alpine region. Numerous waterfalls astride the main road making the trip to this region extremely picturesque.

Dreamy and absolutely delightful, Mangan is a wee town situated in North Sikkim district. Serving as North Sikkim’s regional capital, this miniature hill station is a popular jaunt for ardent rovers, adventure freaks and nature lovers. Take the metalled road from Gangtok to Mangan, this drive will transport you to a different world, so surreal. Witness the unthinkable beauty of nature in the rolling mountains, forested hills, warbling streams and scattered settlements. If you are in search of serenity and solitude, you will find it here. Mangan, will undoubtedly offer you with an extremely relaxing holiday. Take a tour of this spot and make a visit to its captivating tourism attractions. Dotted with few of the most amazing must see sightseeing places, journeying across Mangan will be no less than a joyride.

Gurudongmar lake Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake

Lachen Tour Package

About Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim, Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake is situated in extreme North Sikkim District and is close to Lachen. Lachen is nearly 125 kilometers from Gangtok and requires 5 – 6 hours drive and special permit to reach. The Lake is approximately 55 kilometers from Lachen. The Calm and crystal clear water of the Gurudongmar Lake in that altitude is great to watch. This is also one of the sacred lake and many pilgrims visit this place once in a year. People with respiratory problem should not go to this place. Cholamo Lake is above Gurudongmar Lake and is the origin of Teesta River. North Sikkim has immense potential of nature that includes approx 500 waterfalls, beautiful valleys, glaciers, hot spring, snowcapped Himalayan peaks & various types of rhododendrons & orchids.

Please note that it is not easy to do Gurudongmar Lake is nice for maximum of one hours stay. Due to its altitude and strong wind breathing is difficult. Guest with breathing / heart problems are requested to avoid the tour and stay put in Hotel at Lachen. One has to stay here or arrive Lachen on the previous night. Next day morning Gurudongmar Lake visit via Chopta Valley is possible.

Chopta Valley near Lachen, Sikkim

Chopta Valley

Lachen Tour Package

About Chopta Valley near Lachen, Sikkim

Perched at an altitude of 13200ft on the Chandrashile (moon rock) of the North-East Sikkim is an isolated place that seems to be the alluring abode of God called Chopta Valley. The relatively unexplored and untouched Chopta Valley in north east Sikkim is very popular among trekkers as well as people of several faiths for housing some of the sacred monuments of Sikkim. Located on the way to Gurudongmar Lake, Chopta valley also known as the valley of flowers offers the tourist with the visual treat of meandering rivers stream through the mountainous valley of alpine forest on one side and panoramic vista of snow-covered mountain peaks on the other making Chopta Valley a must visit tourist destination of North Sikkim.

The valley, at 13,200 feet, is a preferred destination for hiking, angling and water sports and the trek from Chopta Valley to Muguthang Valley is considered one of the best. It lies in the Greater Himalayas at 15,500 ft. Trekkers are assured of scenic landscapes with snow-covered mountain peaks on one side and green pine forests and meandering rivers on the other.This is one of the few and awesome high altitude lakes in India. The lake becomes doubly attractive with the reflections of the surrounding hills on the water. From Gangtok which is at 5410 ft, the altitude rises to about 10,000 ft in just 15kms. You can imagine how steep the gradient would be on this stretch of the road

Thangu Valley Lachen, Sikkim

Thangu Valley

Lachen Tour Package

About Thangu Valley near Lachen, Sikkim

Tranquil and scenic is what Thangu Valley is all about. Due to its high altitude located of around 3962 m, it is covered in the blanket of snow almost all the time. The valley comprises alpine meadows that are flanked by shimmering water of River Teesta and wooden houses, offering a picturesque sight to witness. Apart from Teesta River, three more rivers, Chopta, Thangu and Lassur also flow through this valley. There is also a small village of the same name in the valley, which is used as a halt by tourists heading to the beautiful and popular attraction of Sikkim, Gurudongmar Lake.

Thangu Valley is arranged at a separation of 30 kilometers from Lachen and is exceptionally lovely place with less greenery. A yearly Yak race is composed in the area and is very well known with visitors. Lachen is the beginning stage for the greater part of the intriguing treks furthermore the door to the blessed Gurudongmar and Tso Lhamu lakes. Visit the Lachen Gompa here and see basic existences of the neighborhood individuals known as Lachenpas. Thangu valley in North Sikkim is arranged at around 16,000 feet. We find less vegetation there. Some scattered hovels, a few yaks and military camps are just found all around. Thangu is a little yet beautiful zone, situated in the North District of Sikkim at an elevation of 13000 feet and is around at a separation of 30 kilometers from Lachen. Exercises like trekking should be possible here. Enterprise seekers have begun coming to Thangu town with some essential offices for convenience coming up in the last couple of years yet not all that sorted out. It has turned into an essential point where trekkers adapt before continuing for the trek to Chopta Valley, Green Lake or Muguthang. These trekking courses pull in a ton of experience seekers both from India and abroad. The most vital streams moving through Thangu are Chopta Chu, Thangu Chu and Lassur Chu.

Lachen Monastery Lachen,Sikkim

Lachen Monastery

Lachen Tour Package

Lachen Monastery Lachen,Sikkim

Lachen ‘Ngodub Choling’ Monastery is located about 28 kms from Tsunthang Sub Division Office. It was built in 1858 A.D. with 8 monks. This Gonpa was first a small hut by built by Lama Karchen Dorje Drak, who was a student of Jamyang Choki Rinzing who in turn was a disciple of Terdag Lingpa Of Tibet.The lama stayed in this Gonpa for three years and commissioned a clay statue of the 1000 handed Chenrezig for the Gonpa before returning to Tibet. Later, Gelong Gonpu from Solo Khombu, Nepal came here. He was a student of Lama Karchen Dorje Drak. During his stay the old hut was dismantled and replaced with a new mud structure in the Earth dog year. He also stayed for three years and returned to Nepal. During this period the Gonpa had 10 monks. During his stay the old hut was dismantled and replaced with a new mud structure in the Earth dog year.

Offering a quiet backdrop and a spell-binding views, Lachen Monastery is a noteworthy attraction in Lachen that was originally built in 1858 A.D by the Nyingma Sect of Tibetan Buddhism and with the help of its 8 monks, who transformed a small hut constructed by Lama Karchen Dorje Drak. Lachen Monastery, also known as Ngodub Choling or the Launching Gompa, is seated at a picturesque location overlooking the village and housing the statue of Guru Padmasambhava. The premises of this sacred place is decorated with colourful prayer flags and prayer wheels. Feel bliss as you enter Lachen Monastery, It is a mind boggling pilgrimage experience.

Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary Lachen

Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary

Lachen Tour Package

Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary Lachen,Sikkim

Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in Sikkim. It is situated in the famous Yumthang Valley in North Sikkim. The sanctuary is bordered with high rugged Chuba-Sagochen mountain ranges on the east and Chomzomei Tso extending upto Lava pass on the west. The picturesque Yumthang Chu (river) flows through the wide valley offering a breathtaking landscape. Lachung is the last frontier village before reaching the sanctuary.

Chungthang Valley Lachen,Sikkim

Chungthang Valley

Lachen Tour Package

Chungthang Valley Lachen,Sikkim

Chungthang is a town in North Sikkim district in the Indian state of Sikkim. It is situated at the confluence of two rivers: Lachen River and Lachung River, both tributaries of the River Teesta. Chungthang is located a distance of 95 kilometres from the capital Gangtok.It has an average elevation of 1790 metres (5,873 feet). According to a legend, Guru Padmasambhabwa {Buddhist Guru} visited the town before going to Tibet and left his footprint on a rock where he once rested. Around the rock some paddy is grown, which is supposed to be a miracle as paddy does not grow in these conditions.

Local people earned their livelihood on these paddy fields until the Army was deployed there. It is believed Guru Nanak Dev ji visited this place during his trip (Udasi) to China and Tibet. Guru Nanak Dev ji dug his walking stick at a place where eventually the stick has grown into a tree which has trunk in stick shape and leaves are below the rounded trunk which looks like handle of stick. An amrit kund was also made to appear there by Guru ji. Guru Nanak visited the place during his third udasi in order to solace the Karma pa Nying ma pa sect then being hounded out from Tibet by the Ge lug pa sect. It is also said that Guru Nanak, on one of his journeys along with his disciples, had come across this place and vanquished two demons here before proceeding.The footprints of that battle were believed to be still left on that cordoned off rock. It is also said that Chungthang derived from the Punjabi, “Changa sthan” or good place, which Guru Nanak had bestowed on it Most of the residents of the town are Lepcha. Chungthang is rich in biodiversity with a wide variety of orchids, plants and animals found here.

Labrang Monastery Mangan,Sikkim

Labrang Monastery Mangan

Lachen Tour Package

Labrang Monastery Mangan, Sikkim

Labrang Monastery is an antique structure that has a charming appeal. This Buddhist shrine is quite unique because it still holds its original structure, with its white walls and gilded roofs done in the mixed Tibet and India style of architecture. Inside the Labrang Monastery you can see the murals at the prayer hall and if you visit this attraction during early December, you may witness the famous Chaam Dance as well. This must visit attraction was built in honour of Latsun Chembo of Kongpu who started Nyingmapa School of Tibetan Buddhism. Labrang Monastery contains about six institutes of learning, a gilded stupa, 18 halls, a sutra debate area and it also houses about 60,000 sutras. There is also a museum that has a collection of Buddha statues, sutras and murals, including Tibetan language books, historical books, books on medicines, music, art, calendars etc.

Labrang Monastery is an attractive destination to visit and here apart from witnessing this imposing structure you can also explore the museum that stores statues, sutras, murals as well as language books and music. This monastery is also positioned at a distance of 2 kilometres from the Phodong Monastery, which is yet another place to see

Rong Lungten Lee Mangan,Sikkim

Rong Lungten Lee Mangan

Lachen Tour Package

Rong Lungten Lee Mangan,Sikkim

Closely resembling the Lepcha traditional house, the Rong Lungten Lee is located in a charming destination, Namprikdang. Sited at the confluence of two rivers, Kanaka and Teesta, Namprikdang is known for its calm environment, varied flora and fauna as well as the popular sikkim annual festival Namsoong. Here, the Rong Lungten Lee is widely visited by tourists because of its beautiful Sikkim heritage significance.If you enjoy taking a walk in the past, Rong Lungten Lee is a great place to be as it displays some ancient artifacts of the Lepcha tribe. There are three rooms in Rong Lungteen and each of these rooms houses items from the past, the Phodong which means the attic is used for storing valuable and antique items.

Singhik Mangan,Sikkim

Singhik Mangan

Lachen Tour Package

Singhik Mangan,Sikkim

Singhik is a tiny settlement on a hill, around 1560 m above the sea level, considered to be the most popular viewpoint that offers the splendid and unobstructed view of Mt. Khangchendzonga and Mt. Siniolchu. The place comes with many short nature treks along with itself, the surrounding lush green hills with higher ridges provides the rewarding bird’s eye view of the converging point of River Teesta and River Kanaka at the foot hills, that attracts many adventure travellers to come to Singhik. It is equally popular among the other tourists heading on to the other destinations of North Sikkim, who consider it as an ideal place for a night’s halt amidst the exceptional greenery and array of iced mountains while the majestic Teesta River gurgles below it.